We are here for you


As experts in high-precision parts and assemblies, we at Mockel are here to help at any time, from developing the perfect idea to making it reality. Get in touch! We look forward to a constructive discussion. Our goal is to achieve the best together.

  • Mockel GmbH

    Rue du Développement 9
    4837 Baelen, ZI Eupen-Baelen

    Google Maps

  • Opening hours warehouse

    Monday to Friday
    open from 7 to 17 o’clock

  • Opening hours office

    Monday to Friday
    open from 8 to 17 o’clock.


  • Portrait photo of Robert Mockel, who is chairman of the supervisory board.
    Mockel, Robert
    Chairman of the supervisory board
  • Portrait photo of Antoine Lecoq, who is responsible for Financial management/HR
    Lecoq, Antoine
  • Portrait photo of Manuel Reuter, who is responsible for operations
    Reuter, Manuel
  • Portrait photo of Stéphane Claessens, who is responsible for QHSE management
    Claessens, Stéphane
    QHSE Management
  • Portrait photo of Sascha Recker, who is responsible for sales and project management
    Recker, Sascha
    Sales, marketing (GER) and project management
  • Kopatz, Kristin
    Sales and project management
  • Portrait photo of Christian Kaivers, who is responsible for production planning and management, along with maintenance
    Kaivers, Christian
    Production Manager/maintenance
  • Portrait photo of Farrah Meyer, who is responsible for purchasing and supply chain management
    Meyer, Farrah
    Purchasing, marketing (FRA) and supply chain management
  • Perebooms, Lindsay
    Assistant Admin and HR
  • Portrait photo of Philippe von Geit, who is responsible for quality control
    Van Geit, Philippe
    Quality control

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