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Whether you make machine tools or passenger jets, we at Mockel are your one-stop shop for high-precision parts and assemblies.

  • Aviation

    Systems providers in the aviation industry value our expertise in processing materials like aluminium, stainless steel and Inconel.

    We help them by producing precision parts that are used in the flaps and doors of planes, for example.

    Our range of services here covers everything from co-engineering to delivering high quantities of precision parts according to contract, including storage organisation.

  • Space travel

    We supply the space travel industry with electronics housings and other complex parts that meet special requirements.

    As a varied one-stop shop, Mockel calls upon its network of partners for surface treatment processes, such as chromium(III) passivation of aluminium components.

  • Defence

    We have been a series production partner to the defence industry for decades.

    That is because Mockel offers more.

    As a prototype partner, we can check that highly complex components made from various alloys work correctly.

    We can also call upon the expertise of our partners for component finishing.

  • Mechanical and plant engineering

    High-precision mechanical components are essential for ensuring that machines and systems work smoothly.

    We offer components made from both standard materials and special alloys that create the best conditions for this.

    As a supplier, you can rely on Mockel to deliver an economical solution quickly.

  • Energy

    Energy technology is a key sector for the future.

    Our team has already collected a great deal of experience here, including in the production of hydrogen casings.

    Alongside this, our solutions-focused tools for machining high-strength materials, for example, give you precisely processed surfaces.

  • Medical engineering

    Medical engineering often involves extremely small components that leave no margin for error when it comes to processing.

    We have been active in this sector for many years.

    Our modern machinery, combined with our highly qualified team and certified, largely automated processes, give you the reliability you need.

  • Motorsport

    We have been supporting a Belgian crosscar manufacturer right from the concept development stage, supplying components for gearboxes and powertrains along with connector elements and steering units.

    This unusual project has proven the diverse expertise of our team and highlighted how we can work together to achieve success.

  • E-mobility

    Mockel produces a range of precision parts and assemblies for an electric vehicle manufacturer.

    Alongside our speed and flexibility, the customer particularly values our fair prices.

    Top quality comes as standard, safeguarded through certified and largely automated processes.

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