More than parts


We are your one-stop shop for mechanical precision parts and assemblies.

Clamping chuck of a CNC turning centre
COO in the production workshop. He is holding a tablet computer.
A reliable partner

From co-engineering
to the finished product

Our work begins where your ideas, plans or prototypes end. Whatever the required size or quantity, we deliver high-precision parts and assemblies in perfect quality at a fair price.

Your partner for customised solutions

It all starts with an idea. Our job is to turn
that into the best possible solution for you.

What we stand for

Complex parts,
clever solutions

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one goal:
satisfied customers
A tradition of delivering

Experts through and through

Our flexible team focuses on solutions and makes sure to meet your needs for high-precision parts quickly and reliably at all times. Every member of the team contributes their own skills, from technicians and supervisors to specialists and apprentices. We are proud of our team at Mockel.

What our customers say:

Mockel offers unbeatable co-engineering expertise and quality for the price. Whether we want optimised lightweight parts or economically produced components for series production, they give us the quality we need and are great to work with. Our crosscar could not have succeeded without Mockel.

Yannick Neuville, Managing director of Lifelive

We have relied on Mockel to produce many of our standard components, as they constantly meet our high quality requirements. They are also easy to work with and are experts in their field.

Karl-Heinz Backes, CEO of Myrenne GmbH

As Head of Purchasing for our aerospace division, I have known Mockel for a long time. We have long-term contracts for our standard parts, which Mockel produces and delivers reliably. They are also extremely flexible and can respond to urgent needs, which we value a lot.

Project procurement officer at Gmt

Mockel is our one-stop store for very complex electronic housings. The technical expertise of the entire team is reflected in the outstanding quality of the products.

Project procurement officer at Thales Alenia

As a company in the defense industry, we need a very diverse portfolio of series parts. Mockel has been the right series production partner for us for a long time. More and more, the team is also convincing us as a prototype manufacturer that quickly achieves convincing results.

Project procurement officer at FN Herstal

Do you have questions? Our team will be happy to help.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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