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Fresh wind in the HR team

Our employees and their know-how are our most valuable asset. With Lindsay Perebooms, the Mockel team, applicants, recruiters etc. now have a new contact person in the HR department.

As an HR and administrative assistant, Lindsay Perebooms has been supporting our CEO and Responsible Human Resources Antoine Lecoq since the end of July. The young HR professional will also act as a link to recruitment agencies and intensify contact with vocational schools in the region.

Diverse tasks

“No day is like the other, in the HR department you are involved in a wide variety of tasks,” says Lindsay Perebooms. This was already clear to her at the beginning of her studies at the “Haute Ecole de la Province de Li├Ęge” and one of the reasons she chose to focus on this area. In her broad field of activity, she particularly benefits from her communicative strengths and her enjoyment of contact with people.

One big family

“Mockel feels like a big family to me,” Perebooms describes her experience. She appreciates the friendly atmosphere in which everyone talks to everyone else. This special “climate” already struck her positively during the first conversations. Another plus point for her is that the individual promotion of all employees and their continuous training is so important here. This was also an important point in her decision to work for Mockel, as she is still at the beginning of her professional life.

Good career opportunities

“For us, empowering each individual in the team through further training and qualifying them for new tasks is simply part of the job,” emphasises CEO Antoine Lecoq. Many employees therefore pursue their individual career paths within the company. The figures also speak for a high level of employee satisfaction: With an average age of 40, the average length of service is 15 years. Antoine Lecoq is pleased about the fact that he was able to gain a young and committed employee in Lindsay Perebooms, who also fits perfectly into the team on a personal level. “With her enthusiasm for the job and her competence, she will certainly go a successful way,” CEO Antoine Lecoq is convinced.

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