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Plastic precision parts

The production of precision parts or assemblies from plastics like POM or PEEK is now part of Mockel’s everyday production technology.

Just like with metal parts, Mockel starts the process by choosing excellent-quality raw materials. These may require special certifications depending on the parts’ ultimate purpose. Approval from the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), for example, is essential if the parts are to be used in the production of food and medical devices.

Care and sharp tools

One particular challenge in machining is the material’s comparatively low melting point. Clean and precise processing requires great care throughout the entire process, even when preparing the machine. As the machine is also used to process metals, the interior needs to be brushed out and rinsed with cooling lubricant. This is treated or replaced to remove the risk of tiny metallic particles that remain inside it damaging the plastic to be processed.

Ensuring the perfect cut

The subsequent machining process requires adequate cooling, very sharp tools and perfectly coordinated cutting values. The softness of the material can quickly lead to burrs forming inside boreholes, which must usually be removed mechanically. The material is also highly pliable, which calls for particularly careful quality assurance. Boreholes in the parts are therefore checked individually using a table magnifier or an endoscope.

Clean process

It would not be Mockel if the premium-quality products were not also manufactured as sustainably as possible. All machining waste is separated and either recycled or disposed of correctly.


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