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A win-win for all sides

Kristin Kopatz has been supporting Mockel as a project manager since September 2022. But we knew her long before she joined our team. This experienced and talented key account manager is now the point of contact for our French-speaking customers.

From contact to colleague

It’s a small world. “My love story with Mockel began many years ago. I was working in contract management at thyssenkrupp Materials Belgium in Lokeren, before moving to a project management position in the aerospace division. While there, I was involved in planning, purchasing, sales and quality assurance”, explains Kristin. Mockel was one of her favourite customers. The relationship was one of mutual trust and appreciation. The contact was constructive, professional and straightforward. Even back then, we at Mockel thought that she would be an ideal addition for us if she were ever looking for a job. Not just because of her industry knowledge and language skills, but also on a human level.

Working from home makes it possible

Born in Berlin, Kristin moved to Belgium with her family when she was young. There she studied economics, focusing on international relations. Now a mother with her own daughter, she has deep roots in Flanders, and wants to see her grow up in a familiar environment. When the Covid pandemic struck, the economic crisis forced her company to restructure its aerospace division, and that was our chance. Thanks to our broad arrangements for working from home, we were able to convince our dream candidate to join Mockel. She has been working as a project manager here since September 2022, alternating between working at our office in Baelen and her home in Flanders a week at a time.” With her master’s degree in economics, industry experience and fluency in four languages (English, German, Dutch and French), she has been an impressive addition to the team. Both we and our customers are benefiting from these skills.

A great arrangement for everyone

“The days I work in Baelen are particularly intensive and I try to get the most out of them. This includes sharing ideas with my colleagues, who have been amazing since day one, or learning how to read technical drawings, which is an important part of my job here at Mockel. It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me.” She uses the time she spends working from home to visit customers and suppliers nearby. “Personal contact is very important to me,” explains Kristin. “I love sharing ideas and acting as a connection between external and internal partners.”

Focus on French-speaking market

In her work as a key account manager, Kristin has been supporting our French-speaking customers. With her knowledge of strategic purchasing, she is also currently supporting a tool procurement project. “There are so many ways to get involved here. I really like it a lot”, says Kristin. She accepts every challenge enthusiastically. She values the relaxed and friendly style of interaction at Mockel, always paired with professionalism and a great deal of experience. We can say exactly the same about her.

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