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Committed to the environment

Mockel founded its Environmental Working Group in October 2021. A lot has happened since then. The most visible change has been the large photovoltaic system that will in future deliver 25% of the electricity we use. 

The clock is ticking. We are aware of our responsibility to protect our environment as best as possible. That is why seven Mockel employees from all areas of the company have come together in the Environmental Working Group, in order to identify the measures that can help us save energy and preserve resources. The working group meets twice a month during regular working hours to assess the progress of the various projects and drive them forward if necessary. The positive effects of every individual measure are presented in detail, in order to motivate everyone in the Mockel team to do their bit for the environment.

From water coolers to solar panels

QSHE Manager Stéphane Claessens is satisfied: “Every saving, no matter how small, is valuable. We have already achieved a lot.” The measures range from installing water coolers and fitting LED lamps throughout the company to providing staff with electric bikes and the solar panels on the roof.

Electricity consumption to fall by 25%

The photovoltaic system measures over 2,300 m2 and will generate around 25% of the energy that Mockel currently requires. “This means that we will save 2,193,603 kg of CO2 in the next 25 years”, predicts Antoine Lecoq. The co-CEO praised the outstanding work of the companies involved: Broptimize (study and specifications) and Elektrotechnik Leyens (delivery and installation): “The process of ordering and installing the solar panels took just three months. The entire system was installed in just five weeks.”

Energy audit uncovers room for improvement

With his responsibility for company finances, Antoine Lecoq shared QSHE Manager Stéphane Claessens’ interest in an energy audit. This found the old compressors that generated the required compressed air to be particularly energy intensive. The Environmental Working Group aims to replace these units next year. The process heat generated will then be reclaimed and used to heat the bathrooms. The company is also planning to replace its vehicle fleet with electric and hybrid vehicles. 

“The fact that we have already come so far is testament to the efforts of our still-young Environmental Working Group, who are successfully bringing our dedicated team on board”, says Claessens. 

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